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Not just another organizer...

The Whiteboard Index Of Items built-in with the Alpha QuickFind™ cabinet has sections on the whiteboard in alphabetical order allowing you to mark each item under the first letter of its name. The power of writing the item down brings you the commitment of where you are going to keep that specific item. This system allows you to quickly find your items without having to guess which compartment it will be under.

[items do not have to be written in alphabetical order, just written within the correct whiteboard alphabetical section]

From here, you can start putting your minuscule items in their correct drawer. Each “letter-range drawer” has its own customizable, mini-compartments that you can put your items in so your items won’t become all mixed together. This is the key: “Everything has its own place for fast retrieval!”

Instructions: Easy as 1,2,3...

Step 1: Collect your small household items (especially hard-to-find items!). Hint: Use the Sample Index of Items provided with your product as a guide for you in setting up your own Alpha QuickFind™ for the first time.

Step 2: Think of the first letter of the first word of each of your items and write your item name on the Index Whiteboard. Start with one item at a time and complete Steps 2 and 3 each time. 

Step 3: Create each item’s space within the appropriate drawer by moving the dividers around to fit the particular item and place the appropriate letter sticker on the back divider of that item’s space.  

The setup is easy and the convenience is forever!  Because this WILL make your life easier in always finding smaller items fast - every time!!  Can you imagine the feeling: “To always know where the small things are that you need - and right away when you need them!”

Why Buy this Product?

Because the Alpha QuickFind™ Cabinet is an “all-in-one” system including:

  • A built-in, customizable whiteboard “Index of Items” to keep track of YOUR Items based on the first letter of the first name that comes to mind for each item

  • Perfect size markers with erasers for use on the whiteboard Index of Items 

  • The cabinet is made up of pre-labeled, alphabetical letter-range drawers

  • The Sample Index of Items can guide you during set-up time.  It is included and can be stored in the back compartment of the top drawer along with full directions for easy set up

  • Specific labeled storage is at the back of each drawer and exists for both extra dividers and the proper letter-stickers to use in customizing the dividers to “house” your items

  • Three sizes of dividers are included to create the perfect customizable-spaces within each drawer for each of your specific items

  • You place the included Letter-stickers on the back of each divider to bring your eye to your item faster.  You use the first letter of the first word of each item

  • Looks great everywhere: on a counter-top, in a large cabinet or on a shelf in a closet and the product is also offered with an optional stand if you have floor space available (remember: wherever you put it you want the Alpha QuickFind to be easily accessible to get at your items fast) 

  • For a lifetime of organization and…..after using it you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

  • Organize Your House OR Give the AQF as a group Wedding Present OR as a Holiday Gift OR as a New House Gift!!

The Power of Knowing where everything is kept will be very comforting for you!

Alpha QuickFind™

The Organizer for All of Your Small Household Items

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Alpha QuickFind

The Organizer for All of Your Small Household Items

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