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For Great Organization

Best purchase ever! We just moved into our new house so instead of creating multiple junk drawers, the Alpha QuickFind is one central cabinet for all of our small household items. And it stays organized all the time because everything has its place. Brilliant! If I name it, then I can store it alphabetically for fast and easy retrieval just like they say, "every time"!

More than just a junk drawer

The Alpha Quick Find is more than just a place to store and simplify finding stuff. It has caused me to rethink what I need and what I don’t. It’s been a process, moving it to the best spot, filling it with small things I want to keep and tossing things I have no idea why I was keeping (or even what some of them were for). It doesn’t entirely replace my other two junk spots because there are a few larger things I need to keep, but there’s far less chaos. It was a good purchase and I recommend it to everyone who wants to make better decisions about what’s really useful, and what’s just taking up space. I ordered the base so it could stand alone and needed some help with the assembly. I contacted the company and the owner personally called me to walk me through it and was so helpful - the best customer service I’ve ever had. This is a company that really stands behind its products. This has been a really great purchase!

Alpha Quick Find

The chest was a Valentine's Day gift for my artist wife. It was very much appreciated and goes well with her collection of other art storage vessels (tool chests, flat files, taborets, etc.). The AQF is a well-crafted, beautiful, and efficient piece of furniture. It also works as a junk drawer substitute. Highly recommended!


...Something that will make my family put everything back where it goes…because if it’s not in the drawer then everyone knows it’s missing, ha ha. On a more serious note, this is a great piece of furniture; in addition to its functionality, it looks nice, is sturdy/well-built, and completely customizable. Each drawer can be rearranged as often as needed. It also completely cleared up some closet and drawer space in my home! One of the best gifts I’ve ever received.


I bought the Alpha a few weeks ago and just got around to setting it up as part of my New Years Resolution to get better organized…. First off it is a great quality product which becomes evident the moment you take it out of the box…. The directions are a breeze and set up is much easier than I thought. Cleared out three draws of stuff and got it all arranged in an organized manner. I would suggest emptying your cluttered drawers into one big box as it’s easier to go through your stuff and throw a third of it away…. The Alpha has all my stuff neatly organized and now I won’t have to spend 20 minutes looking for 1 stupid little item that I’m sure I have somewhere…….I highly recommend this product.