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Alpha QuickFind™


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Today’s organizers are unorganized! It is an age-old problem that small household items get lost way too easily and they are just stored in many unorganized junk drawers all around your house. Alpha QuickFind is the first, well thought-out system for all your easy-to-lose minuscule items. If you are ever having issues finding any small household items, the Alpha QuickFind 100% bamboo cabinet (Not for outdoor use) comes with this complete organizing system built-in for you. Simply, make life easier for yourself and others when every item has its own specific place!

Due to the size of the Alpha QuickFind™ to fit all of your small household items in one convenient, central place, as is normal with furniture shipping, it should arrive in less than two weeks.  However, your order will be shipped the next business day after your online order, from our warehouse in MA via UPS Ground Shipping.

22 ¼“ Wide
17 ½” High (but requires 18 ¼” clearance for the Index of Items handle)
15 ½” Deep (but it requires 16 ½” clearance for the drawer handles)
Weighs approximately 60 pounds when empty.

The cabinet is all pre-assembled for you, requiring no tools!! 

There is also an optional AQF™ stand available as well.

Other Use Cases Besides Junk Drawer Organization By The Alphabet:

  • Name Tag Storage, Distribution and Retrieval - For Religious Places of Worship, Conferences, Businesses etc.
  • Small Item Inventory Storage and Selection - For Art, Jewelry Studios etc.
  • School Supplies Storage, Distribution and Retrieval - For Public, Private, and Pre-Schools
  • Fly Fishing - Storage for Fly Tying Supplies 


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
So superbly pleased

In the digital world, it is so great to find a product that is superbly designed and flawlessly built.

Don’t precisely remember/know how I came across AQF but when i saw it, decided to immediately but it for my wife’s 65th birthday.

With her massive skillset and experience in watercolour, calligraphy and other graphic arts, this is a great tool to cleverly store/organize items otherwise left in jars, cigar boxes, cheap ziplock bags et alia.

It arrived within some 3 weeks of ordering and expertly packaged (and (wow!) no assembly required, a gift from the heavens in an IKEA-world)).

I (will) certainly recommend your fine product to others, and I’m sure my wife will do the very same for/to her artist-friends and colleagues.

So great to discover an artisanal work with a minimalist feel, a blessing in a busy world.


Great product

This is a really cool product. I use it to store artwork. Which I can alphabetize if need be or store Artwork pages up to 12 x 18 in my size. Very happy with this purchase.

For Great Organization

Best purchase ever! We just moved into our new house so instead of creating multiple junk drawers, the Alpha QuickFind is one central cabinet for all of our small household items. And it stays organized all the time because everything has its place. Brilliant! If I name it, then I can store it alphabetically for fast and easy retrieval just like they say, "every time"!

More than just a junk drawer

The Alpha Quick Find is more than just a place to store and simplify finding stuff. It has caused me to rethink what I need and what I don’t. It’s been a process, moving it to the best spot, filling it with small things I want to keep and tossing things I have no idea why I was keeping (or even what some of them were for). It doesn’t entirely replace my other two junk spots because there are a few larger things I need to keep, but there’s far less chaos. It was a good purchase and I recommend it to everyone who wants to make better decisions about what’s really useful, and what’s just taking up space. I ordered the base so it could stand alone and needed some help with the assembly. I contacted the company and the owner personally called me to walk me through it and was so helpful - the best customer service I’ve ever had. This is a company that really stands behind its products. This has been a really great purchase!

Alpha Quick Find

The chest was a Valentine's Day gift for my artist wife. It was very much appreciated and goes well with her collection of other art storage vessels (tool chests, flat files, taborets, etc.). The AQF is a well-crafted, beautiful, and efficient piece of furniture. It also works as a junk drawer substitute. Highly recommended!