Alpha QuickFind™

$549.00 $649.00 -15% OFF

Alpha QuickFind™

$549.00 $649.00 -15% OFF

ORDER TODAY, SAVE $100.00 AND ALSO GET FREE SHIPPING (only in the continental U.S) 

Today’s organizers are unorganized! It is an age-old problem that small household items get lost way too easily and they are just stored in many unorganized junk drawers all around your house. Alpha QuickFind is the first, well thought-out system for all your easy-to-lose minuscule items. If you are ever having issues finding any small household items, the Alpha QuickFind 100% bamboo cabinet (Not for outdoor use) comes with this complete organizing system built-in for you. Simply, make life easier for yourself and others when every item has its own specific place!

Regular price $649. A Discount is offered for a limited time during the initial product launch, which also includes free-shipping (only in the continental U.S). Due to the size of the Alpha QuickFind™ to fit all of your small household items in one convenient, central place, as is normal with furniture shipping, it should arrive in less than two weeks.  However, your order will be shipped the next business day after your online order, from our warehouse in MA via UPS Ground Shipping.

22 ¼“ Wide
17 ½” High (but requires 18 ¼” clearance for the Index of Items handle)
15 ½” Deep (but it requires 16 ½” clearance for the drawer handles)
Weighs approximately 60 pounds when empty.

The cabinet is all pre-assembled for you, requiring no tools!! 

There is also an optional AQF™ stand available as well.

Save a total of $100.00 today when you buy the AQF.

Other Use Cases Besides Junk Drawer Organization By The Alphabet:

  • Name Tag Storage, Distribution and Retrieval - For Religious Places of Worship, Conferences, Businesses etc.
  • Small Item Inventory Storage and Selection - For Art, Jewelry Studios etc.
  • School Supplies Storage, Distribution and Retrieval - For Public, Private, and Pre-Schools
  • Fly Fishing - Storage for Fly Tying Supplies 

Pricing Note: Eventually sometime in the future, the Suggested Retail Price for a kitchen cabinet manufacturer to include the Alpha QuickFind in their cabinet design will be over $649. The AQF Website Retail Price for a standalone AQF is currently only $549 right now.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Alpha Quick Find

The chest was a Valentine's Day gift for my artist wife. It was very much appreciated and goes well with her collection of other art storage vessels (tool chests, flat files, taborets, etc.). The AQF is a well-crafted, beautiful, and efficient piece of furniture. It also works as a junk drawer substitute. Highly recommended!


...Something that will make my family put everything back where it goes…because if it’s not in the drawer then everyone knows it’s missing, ha ha. On a more serious note, this is a great piece of furniture; in addition to its functionality, it looks nice, is sturdy/well-built, and completely customizable. Each drawer can be rearranged as often as needed. It also completely cleared up some closet and drawer space in my home! One of the best gifts I’ve ever received.


I bought the Alpha a few weeks ago and just got around to setting it up as part of my New Years Resolution to get better organized…. First off it is a great quality product which becomes evident the moment you take it out of the box…. The directions are a breeze and set up is much easier than I thought. Cleared out three draws of stuff and got it all arranged in an organized manner. I would suggest emptying your cluttered drawers into one big box as it’s easier to go through your stuff and throw a third of it away…. The Alpha has all my stuff neatly organized and now I won’t have to spend 20 minutes looking for 1 stupid little item that I’m sure I have somewhere…….I highly recommend this product.

Art Room Storage for...ever?

Beyond sturdy and infinitely configurable storage unit--I am confident from the build quality it will way outlast me and the from the arrangement possibilities that it will always be helpful storage regardless of where we use it.
We have it in a guest bedroom that we've converted to an office/art room, and it has eliminated all the tabletop clutter as well as provided a better place to store the many, semi-regularly used things that I would typically walk into every room of the house trying to remember "where do we keep this?" I have even started using the "table of contents" as a "text map" to tell me where other things are stored in the house, but are not in the QuickFind.

Super Happy!

This is a great quality product. Very well thought out and super solid. One of my favorite features is a back compartment in each drawer to hold the spare dividers. The second most notable features is the high general quality of the AlphaquickFind. I'm very fussy and I am super happy with this.