Alpha QuickFind™. The Next Generation Organized Junk Drawer.

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Alpha QuickFind™ Stand
Alpha QuickFind™ Stand $81.00 $89.00
ORDER TODAY, GET FREE SHIPPING (only in the continental U.S)  Does your organization system need to be in a room without countertop space? Not to worry! Alpha QuickFind™ is now available with the Alpha QuickFind™ Stand! This bamboo stand is 100% made from sturdy bamboo. The Alpha QuickFind™ Stand requires quick assembly for maximum strength.  23.25" Wide X 19" High X 16" Deep and weighs approximately 7 pounds. 100% Bamboo Stand Includes FREE Shipping (only in the continental U.S) Limited Time Discount during the Initial Launch Requires Assembly for Maximum Strength

Use the power of the alphabet to create less stress instead of looking through your junk drawer mess. Alpha QuickFind™ is here to organize the small household items that seem to get misplaced too easily. With Alpha Quickfind's “Index of Items,” you will never lose those minuscule items again because you are committing exactly where to keep each of your small items on the Alpha QuickFind™ Index of Items!

Alpha QuickFind™ was perfectly measured for placement on a kitchen countertop but can also be used in a large cabinet, closet, pantry, or with an optional stand if there is floor space available. This beautiful, sustainable, all-in-one, bamboo organizing system measures 22 ¼“ Wide, 17 ½” High (but requires 18 ¼” clearance for the Index of Items handle), 15 ½” Deep (but it requires 16 ½” clearance for the drawer handles) and the cabinet is all pre-assembled for you, requiring no tools!!